was founded by Danish artist and designer Leif Løvgreen ( LØV ), to attract, organize and promote post-graffiti as a section of contemporary painting descending from wild-style graffiti.

The printed items in the shop are based on drawings by LØV that are then remade in digital vector graphics in order to accomplish sharp lines that are scalable to all sizes resulting in excellent prints across materials.

Post-graffiti is not an umbrella term for all kinds of street art, and it is not a synonym for commissioned spray-painted murals. Neither is it the reproduction of graffiti art, as it looked 40 years ago, when it all started. The “post” in “post-graffiti”, is there because although it carries the DNA of graffiti, it is expression of moving on, evolving with new currents while creatively maintaining the essence (the funk) of this strong aesthetic that flourished out of 80s New York street creativity.

Call for artists
A unique thing in Post-Graffiti is the notion of localised and individualised work that has roots in a globalised graffiti culture. We are eager to link up with people around the world for whom our philosophy resonate.