30 years ago LØV embarked on a journey, a new style of painting on canvas. Often described in short as “post-graffiti”. A fragmented, abstract, yet minimalistic universe where improvised motion of wild shapes are manifested with a calm disciplinary precision.

Some of the early pieces by LØV was created in a studio in Copenhagen (Njalsgade, Islands Brygge) back in the nineties and have since then been preserved in art storrage up until this day. 

LØV30 is a celebration and an exhibition project where pieces by LØV will be on display in different public and private locations in a given area of the city. Over the summer 2023 paintings by LØV will appear in the area of Islands Brygge, Copenhagen.

Here are some highlights of the event…

All paintings by LØV © 2023

If you have wallspace for a painting over the summer please reach out here